Words and Actions - The snake's head / A new dawn


Words and Actions - The snake's head / A new dawn

Words and Actions - The snake's head / A new dawn


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Words and Actions - The snake's head / A new dawn

Here's the first 2 songs of the new musical adventure I decided to start this year.
The plan is to release an album on vinyl before the end of the year, but unfortunately I can't promise it.
I play, record, mix and master everything by mysef, so the process takes a lot of time.

► The new songs are currently downloadable on Detriti Bandcamp page: detritirecords.bandcamp.com
(btw right now there's a 85% discount on the whole Discography - less than 1 euro per album!)

🟣 Download available on Bandcamp! Click HERE🟣

Few words about Words and Actions new path.
In the last years I realized that for me the 80s classics (Joy Division, The Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, ...) still remain the artistic climax of our beloved post-punk movement.
In the end I always go back to songs like A Forest, Amphetamine Logic, Disorder.
So I decided to try to understand why these songs were (and are) so good and if I somehow could write myself music closer to the roots of this style.
I must also say that some early metal classics surprisingly started to resonate with me. I guess you can hear these different influences.

I met obstacles, I had to take some unpleasant decisions, but finally here's the first two results. Hope you can enjoy them.
Hopefully the best is yet to come.

Davide Lace - Detriti founder -

🟣 ps1.
You really like these songs? 😎
You can share them on your social media or send these links to your friends:
► https://youtu.be/r3LVQrXsRys
► detritirecords.bandcamp.com/album/words-and-actions-the-snakes-head-a-new-dawn

🟣 ps2.
You play pretty well the guitar / the bass / the drums and live in Berlin?
Feel free to send an email to: demo(@)detritirecords.com
(email subject ex.: "Bass player in Berlin")
I won't answer immediately but soon or later I'll start to look for bandmates for the live activity.
Please send a video / audio link of you playing your instrument, a pic of yourself + a short bio.

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