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Special Bundles

Get all the records!

Get all the records!

Special Bundles

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Super Special Bundle 31 records
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Get 1 copy of all the available vinyl records in our catalogue (currently 31 records):

• DR-046 Gorgyra "Hecate" (DARK FOLK)
• DR-045 Words and Actions "Some gods just want to watch the world burn" (GOTHIC ROCK)
• DR-044 Left For Pleasure "Human Contract" (SYNTHWAVE)
• DR-043 T.G.T.B. "Hypermnesia + Excogitate" (SYNTHWAVE)
• DR-042 T.G.T.B. "Stockholm Soul" (SYNTHWAVE)
• DR-041 SPZkr "Punto e Forma" (POST-PUNK)
• DR-040 Laura Krieg "Vie magique" (SYNTHPUNK)
• DR-039 Aurat "Khaar" (INDUSTRIAL)
• DR-038 La Punta Bianca "Disquiet" (SYNTHPOP)
• DR-037 Venom Vampires "Luxury In Deceit" (NEW BEAT)
• DR-036 SPZkr "Freddo razionale" (POST-PUNK)
• DR-035 Robodrum "You can't destroy the robots" (ELECTRO)
• DR-034 Das Das "Leben in Bildschirmen" (SYNTH PUNK, NEW WAVE)
• DR-033 Detriti Split 5 (Autumns / Unconscious) (EBM TECHNO)
• DR-032 Detriti Split 4 (Parole e azioni / Ces Cadaveres) (SYNTH PUNK EBM)
• DR-031 Matiajka “Desolated Statues In Feumia” (SYNTHWAVE)
• DR-029 Detriti Compilation N.2 (NEW WAVE)
• DR-028 Valuemart "Alice Underground" (GOTH POP)
• DR-026 Detriti Split 3 (La Punta Bianca / Kuzina) (SYNTHPOP)
• DR-025 Detriti Split 2 (Mind|Matter / Iron Court) (SYNTH EBM TECHNO)
• DR-024 Detriti Split 1 (Black Sun Dreamer / Trauma Phase) (SYNTH EBM DANCE)
• DR-023 Ascending "Istintiva Bellezza" (SYNTH NEW WAVE)
• DR-022 Dusty Idols "Pars Destruens Et Oriens" (NEW BEAT, EBM)
• DR-021 Autumns "You Always Taught Me Better" (TECHNO EBM)
• DR-020 Unconscious "Slaves Of System" (TECHNO EBM)
• DR-017 Parole e azioni "Fais confiance au soldat allemand" (EBM, NEW WAVE)
• DR-016 Robodrum "Elektro Mafia" (ELECTRO)
• DR-014 The Serfs "Sounds of Serfdom" (SYNTHPUNK) black vinyl
• DR-010 Ascending "Earthlings" (ELECTRO)
• DR-009 Filmmaker "The Love Market" (INDUSTRIAL ELECTRO) black vinyl
• DR-003 Words and actions "Senza veleno" (COLDWAVE)

They all come with a download code in the packaging.

This list changes periodically (some records are almost SOLD OUT)



Non-EU countries, non-US (so for ex. Mexico, Brasil, Australia, Japan, etc.):
big parcels' deliveries can take 4-8 weeks (sometimes even 12).
If you prefer a faster delivery please reach out to us:

1) via private message on INSTAGRAM
2) via private message on FB
3) via email info(@) PLEASE DON'T SEND DEMOS HERE (demo submission correct email check "Demos" page)

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*EU customers will be charged +19% VAT during the checkout

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