Gorgyra - Hecate

12’’ vinyl record LP

Gorgyra - Hecate
Gorgyra - Hecate
Gorgyra - Hecate
Gorgyra - Hecate
Gorgyra - Hecate
Gorgyra - Hecate

Gorgyra - Hecate

12’’ vinyl record LP

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Ritual / Dark Folk / Neoclassical / Symbolist

Gorgyra "Hecate" /// 12'' vinyl DR-046

Neoclassical Dark Folk music from Berlin 🇩🇪

Gorgyra's new album "Hecate" is finally here: a sound adventure through different forms of ritual music in time and space.
Occultism, Paganism, Alchemy, Gnosticism, Mithraism, Symbolism: these are the main coordinates of this unique album.

The opening (and title) track Hecate sets the mood: you're entering a different realm. Dante makes his entrance in Inferno.
This song definitely deserves to be titled after the “Greek goddess of necromancy and sorcery”, i.e. Hecate.
The second track Athena is probably the more structured song of the album: flute, dulcimer and mysterious chants converge around a martial pulsating beat, exploring the beauty of different intricated melodies.
Nyx seems a hymn to nostalgy: dreamy, foggy, blurry.
Mithra and Teles explore more deeply into the ancient Eastern Folk soul of the project.
Requiem, Amor fati and Lux aeterna dig into a different territory. The first is a classical choir perfectly representative of the Christian Requiem tradition. “Amor fati” is the only track with lyrics: an open invitation to seize the moment (“carpe diem”) in pure Italian Renaissance style. “Lux aeterna” is a devilish organ piece that closes this wonderful album.

- Actually the are other 2 bonus tracks, but only as digital downloads on our Detriti Bandcamp page -

It comes with a download code in the packaging.

Content: vinyl record, innersleeve, insert cover, insert back, PVC sleeve, download code.


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🌓► Instagram: @gorgyra_
🌓► TikTok: @gorgyra_

Davide Lace (@wordsandactions_band)

Gorgyra is a Berlin based duo.
To book Gorgyra please write to:
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Live performance videos available at: www.instagram.com/gorgyra_

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