Semuru "سقوط"


Semuru "سقوط"

Semuru "سقوط"


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Semuru "سقوط" ("The downfall")

As many of you might know there is a revolution in progress in Iran and this song is dedicated to Ali Asadollahi, a poet currently detained in the prisons of Tehran among more than 20000 civilians and activists arrested since the beginning of the uprising.

The lyrics are from one of his poems:

"This illusory appalling beast will fall
When the fountain reaches the top, then it will fall
You ask when the palace of oppression will fall
The day you believe it, then it will fall"

It's the first Persian Darkwave song ever (as far as we know) and we consider this an honour and an accomplishment for Detriti.
Furthermore it's also one of the very few protest / revolutionary songs in this genre.

JIN, JIYAN, AZADI 🔥 WOMAN, LIFE, FREEDOM (Kurdish slogan, google it for more info)

From 2 February you can also watch the official music video here:

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