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Spotify DETRITI page here:👅records ..(soon we'll put some playlists and stuff, promised!)

Artists pages and albums:
Dusty Idols - Pars Oriens: (New Beat)
Dusty Idols - Narcissus: (EBM, Techno)
Dusty Idols - One Day Moth: (EBM, Techno)
Dead Branches - Forgotten: (Goth-Pop, Lo-fi goth, Deathrock)
Sottosuolo - La Papessa: (Industrial Noise)
Sottosuolo - Attoprimo: (Experimental Horror Soundtrack)
Words and Actions - Senza veleno: (Synth-punk, EBM, Coldwave)

Ascending - First Kiss: (lo-fi house, industrial)
Ascending - Forgotten Tapes: (minimal wave, acid)
Ascending - Earthlings: (electro, synthwave)

Attention: these are digital downloads (.wav files) 🤓


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